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Our values

How we work



We are able to guarantee extreme rapidity in our response to the requestes and expectations of our clients.



The secret to achieving the desired result is to totally envolve the Clients in every phase of production.



Extensive changes in the market force us to face and answer to numerous new situations. We can!



We are experts in our field and masters of our engineering instruments. We are certified developers of Labview (CLD).


Direct support

We garantee immediate support after delivery. We put our hearts into the success of every project.


and data analysis

  • Electric planning and realisation

    We supply electric systems that conform to regulations.

  • Hardware integration

    We create complex linked systems.

  • Centralised management of system parameters

    We orgranize information in a structured and orderly way.

  • Acquisition, dataloggig, analysis and reporting

    We present information in a clear and understandable way.

  • Personalised interfaces

    We develope simple intuitive interfaces that every operator is capable of using.

  • Real time acquisition and processing of data

    We develop high frequency algorithms to extract information from data.


and control

  • Mathematical modelling of real systems

    We study real phenomena and we reproduce it, which is the first step towards controlling it.

  • Simulator development

    We reduce the costs and duration of development, eliminating mistakes.

  • Real time controller

    We optimise the performance of real processes starting from the model or from the data.

  • Hardware, software and simulated model integration

    We are skilled in field bus (ProfiNet, ProfiBus, Ethercat, CanBus) and in the technique of data exchange.

  • Test sequencer

    TestStand, Stimulation profiles, and META sequencer (we create complex test procedures using the most reliable instruments).

  • Software/Hardware in the loop

    We carry out preliminary tests on our algorithms, simulating procedures and controllers.



  • We develope and create hardware

    We design electronic circuit boards for data acquisition and procedure control.

  • Production management

    We can manage the production and the testing of our circuit boards, even in small batches.

  • Firmware development

    We are able to write efficient codes for the main platform and microcontroller.

  • Embedded control

    We optimise low level codes to make our algorithms perfomace controlled.

  • Digital signal embedded processing

    We develop on line algorithms for data extraction and elaboration.


and development

Our accademic background has allowed us to develop skills and methodology aimed at the research and development of innovative solutions.

  • Scientific pubblication

    Over 30 pubblications in periodicals and international conferences.

  • Applied research

    We have collaborated in resolving specific problems with businesses such as Denso Manufactoring SpA and Faggiolati Pumps SpA.

  • We collaborate with research centers

    We have offered our services to research centres such as The Polytechnic University of the Marche Reagion in Italy and the National Reaserch Board.

  • We participated in projects for R & D

    We actively take part in planning activities aimed at innovation on a Regional, National and European level.

  • Noise vibration analysis

    We have developed innovative approaches for on board machine analysis and end of line testing.

  • Malfunction diagnosis based on data

    We have developed diagnosis techniques based on data for rotating machinery in various fields of application.

Who we are

META team

META was founded in the year 2014, a Spinoff of The Polytechnic University of the Marche. Its aim is to transfer the technology and algorithms developed within the University laboratories to the industrial world.
Only highly qualified people, with a talent for research and innovation, are part of our team.
Company profile Business presentation

Massimo Grisostomi

Founding partner of META SRL, freelancer

Skills: industrial automation of measure and testing.

Matteo Pirro

Founding partner of META SRL, freelancer

Skills: industrial electronic automation.

Marco Catalani

Developer, automation engineer

Skills: industrial automation, control, algorithms.

Daniele Mannocchi


Skills: industrial automation, control, algorithms.

Alex Pasquini


Skills: Industrial Automation, Control, Robotics.


Information and contacts

Contact us at the address and telephone numbers found at the side of our page, otherwise fill out the form with your message and you will be contacted imminently.

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