Monitoring System for Commercial Fishing Vessels

Monitoring System for Commercial Fishing Vessels developed for the "Istituto di Scienze Marine" (ISMAR) of "Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche" (CNR) which aim is to evaluate fishing vessel performances in terms of energy efficiency during the fishery

The system is made by a cRIO-9075, an analog input module NI 9219 and a serial module NI 9870. The central unit acquires, process and stores parameters from several instuments installed on the vessel and send them to a central FTP server as soon as the dedicated WiFi connection is available. The system can acquire data also using RF interfaces in case of harsh environments.

We used a client application for Windows to display the actual measured values as well as historical data graphs and tables to users. Moreover, through the GUI, users can configure CCU settings and send maintenance commands.

The application has been included in the National Instruments case study:

Labview Programming, FPGA, PXI
Project Date: 
September - December 2014

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