Certified Developer NI

META engineers are constantly working to improve their skills in using NI products. NI certification guarantees the expertise needed to offer our customers the best solutions and to effectively implement advanced applications . Internally, NI certifications allow us to qualify our technicians and engineers: NI certification is a strategic investment for higher and significant productivity benefits.

Test and Measurement

META has expertise in design and implementation of Measurement, Monitoring , Testing and Quality Control systems for products and processes, through mechanical, electrical, and acoustic and vibrational measurements and visual analysis; our engineers have the ability to develop or select the sensors, systems and software packages necessary for data analysis and information extraction and processing.

Our activities include:

  • Feasibility studies.
  • Advanced Signal Analysis.
  • Data Analysis.

Control Systems

Supervision and Control systems are widely used in all those areas in which you want to monitor and check the status of particular processes. They have a key role in the supervision of production lines, in the management of generation and energy management systems, in fluidic systems. META has expertise in Design and Development of advanced systems that allow efficient control of the most complex phenomena.

To achieve our goals, we use advanced tools and techniques (MIL, SIL, HIL) that allow us a mastery of design and optimization phases.

Our activities in this field include:

  • Supervision and Control software Development in the Industrial and Energy field.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Development and optimization of algorithms of control.
  • Prototype Development.

Firmware Development

META has experts in Firmware Development with a transversal knowledge of electronic design. In particular, our programmers are able to write dedicated software for the control of equipment and machinery, using the most advanced instruments and development systems.

Our engineers are familiar with the most popular platforms MCU and DSP , such as Texas Intruments , Microchip , Freescale , Arduino .

Moreover, META makes the Firmware Porting from obsolete Microcontroller toward newer technologies and, after a feasibility analysis, from complex systems to integrated systems with fewer hardware resources available .

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